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I am a skilled, proffesional designer with broad experience in marketing, web design and photography.


Need a good, well designed, personalized website? Don't hesitate to contact me.


If you need to boost your presentation with cool visuals, I'm the man.


I have 10 ideas per minute. Need a really fresh creative concept, you just call me.


I love photography, it's my afterwork passion, but I can do an exception for you.

I'm the man.

Who am I

What makes me your best choice is a broad experience in marketing communication, understanding web design and importance of user experience. For more than ten years I've been cooperating with account managers, web developers, product owners and copywriters, helping them, giving creative insights and giving ideas on almost every level, from minor design improvements to marketing strategy.

What do I do

I create visulals, design websites, landing pages and online ads for major polish and international clients. Combining practical knowledge of digital marketing with design skills, I create deigns fulfilling my client's needs. Cooperating with copywriters, web developers and programmers, I can conduct projects from simple ad campain, up to launching a large web service or a mobile application. I understand new media and I'm aware of their possibilities and limitations. I am open minded, constantly watching for new trends.


my clients:

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